Matthew Harvey

Originally from Gainesville, Florida, Matthew Harvey studied glass with Paul Stankard at Salem Community College in Carney’s Point, New Jersey.

He then moved to California, where he graduated from California College of the Arts’ glass program in 2007. After that, he worked as an assistant for Jay Musler for many years.

Matthew Harvey developed a glassblowing torch that uses 60–70 percent less energy than other methods. He’s hoping to eventually eliminate his dependence on compressed oxygen, which would further reduce his energy consumption.

Matt has constructed a technique he’s adapted from an ancient Venetian method of glass-making and, through this process, he is able to use glass varieties that are normally incompatible. Creating a gradient material composed of bits of glass from each bottle and infusing this mixture at the connection points allows Matt to use 100 percent recycled glass in his work.

Matt currently works at John Lewis Studio in Oakland, California.

Work by This Artist