Richard Feese

I am an avid backpacker, fisherman and bird hunter and this is always a source of ideas for my art.

My interest in environmental issues and concern for preserving the wilderness occupies a major part of my work and life.  My ideas, visions, and concepts incorporate concerns about water, endangered species, threatened species, native species, all of which contribute the health and well being of the earth and its inhabitants.

My pieces are statements about identity, which come from the streams, the mountains, and the environment.  They are related to my past work, the three or four pieces in progress, and the work yet to come. 

The materials used are often found objects worn by nature, which are not only intrinsic to the image, but statements by themselves.  Many of the materials I use for my sculptures are recycled materials and found objects; the wood, metals and leftover building materials prove to be a durable medium and some of the pieces can be placed outdoors. 

The content of the work is about preservation and respect of different species and the land where they live, and also contains elements that are personal; the discoveries about life made during my travels. 

These are collectable art objects that emulate life and the mysteries of our world, the known and the unknown. 

Since my work is intricate it causes the viewer to become involved and participate in the work, as they have to take the time to look closely to see the details.  Several of my pieces have maps and trails of my backpacking trips to the high country. The images of birds and fish usually have a comic undertone, which is inherent in all species, a valuable reminder that joy and laughter are a necessary part of all life.

Work by This Artist