Michael Sosin

2547 Eighth Street
Berkeley CA 94710


Michael Sosin received his graduate degree from the University of California and continued his studies in glass at the California College of the Arts. He establishing his own hot shop, Pinzette GlassWorks, in 1989.

He has studied at Pilchuck, the Penland School of Crafts, Pratt Fine Arts and the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Michael Sosin's work is shown nationally and internationally.

Homage and Kanji Vessels

I have always been attracted to the Venetian style of glass blowing with its masterful technique and intricate design elements. In working with these vessels I have tried to create a fusion between those techniques and my fascination with the eastern aesthetic.

This series of blown vessels uses glass powders to create the kanji character or abstract motif. The powder designs are meticulously arranged on a steel plate, heated, and then picked up on a gather of molten glass. Before the piece is blown into the final form, gold and silver foil are incorporated into the piece and fused with the hot glass. The vessel is then blown into the final shape, and as a last step a ribbon of contrasting colored hot glass is applied to the lip of the piece.

Work by This Artist