David Ruth

Glass Sculpture Studio
1122 57th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621

510.533.8526 (fax)

Artist’s Statement

“The mood of nature can be imparted... only by an artistic rendering of its inner spirit"
— Kadinsky

Producing custom cast glass for individual collectors, architects, and designers, David Ruth has developed a wide range of aesthetic techniques and applications to the language of Sculpture and Architecture.

As an artist, David has created a unique cohesion between his more ephemeral personal sculpture and more site specific, client designed architectural work.

Casting this glass is a metaphorical exploration of the relationship between the inner self and the outside world.
Its roots are in the direct expression of visual abstract language, which speaks in color, line and form.

Glass adds light and transparency to the conversation, along with a sense of paradox because it is clear, yet solid material.

Like music, the trails of colors in the pieces resonate as notes that strike a chord and communicate directly with the viewer.

Work by This Artist